How to Improve Metabolism with Yoga

Yoga To Improve Metabolism I come across people doing all the workout but not losing any weight. Unfortunately, trying every possible workout schedule to see different...
Beginners' Yoga

15 min Sequence for Absolute Beginners’ Yoga

It's just a beginning You might have genetically flexible body, or non-flexible one. You might not be used to moving in 'yoga move'. Yet, surely, your...

Vegan Food


Cauliflower Soup Recipe – Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas

Cauliflower Soup Recipe I recently realized that I haven't had hearty soup in a long time so I decided to make cauliflower soup. I created...

Easy Vegan Pasta Recipe

Healthy Vegan Lunch Since it's winter it's really cold out here and it's time to make warm and hearty meals. Personally, I have never met...

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minimal living lifestyle


What is minimalism? Minimalism is such a trendy topic these days. I am happy that more and more people are into that life style. Kinda...

3 Steps to Single-Tasking Habit

Getting into a habit of single-tasking. We’d encounter people who say they are multi-taskers. I, for one, was one of them, until the day I...