How to Improve Metabolism with Yoga

Yoga To Improve Metabolism I come across people doing all the workout but not losing any weight. Unfortunately, trying every possible workout schedule to see different...
Beginners' Yoga

15 min Sequence for Absolute Beginners’ Yoga

It's just a beginning You might have genetically flexible body, or non-flexible one. You might not be used to moving in 'yoga move'. Yet, surely, your...

Vegan Food

roasted spicy cauliflowervideo

Roasted Spicy Cauliflower – Vegan, Gluten-Free

  With holidays coming up, us - vegans get a bit nervous about what to bring onto table.  For both healthy and extremely delicious meal...
Vegan Dip

3 Vegan Dip Recipes

3 Vegan Dip Recipes After a long work/school day, one does not feels like cooking a fancy meal, instead have some quick & easy meal...

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Decluttering Mental Space – Minimalism Series

Continuing on with minimizing   After deciding to switch into minimalist lifestyle, one may think it is all about physical space. However, decluttering mental space is...
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Understanding Cat Behaviour

  As a cat lover myself, I had to write generally about cats. Cats look mysterious and look like they have badass plan to destroy you....