15 min Sequence for Absolute Beginners’ Yoga

Beginners' Yoga
Yoga for Beginners

It’s just a beginning

You might have genetically flexible body, or non-flexible one. You might not be used to moving in ‘yoga move’. Yet, surely, your body will respond to your consistency, and have greater range of motion in time. Because, yoga is for everyone, it does bot require certain shape, body type. The body just needs some time to get used to the positive changes. I understand, for a total beginner yoga might sound overwhelming. So, here are easy and/or doable poses for newbies.

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Here are 10 yoga moves for beginners’ yoga sequence. It will take you only 15 minutes to complete this sequence. Plus, you will feel the progress every day. I’d say, do this sequence twice a day. However, if it hurts, in any way, do not push yourself. Yoga is not meant to be pushed, but absorbed gradually.


beginners' yoga
Yoga for Beginners

10 Moves for Beginners’ Yoga


  1. Cat-cow
  2. Downward dog
  3. Upward dog
  4. Pigeon
  5. Warrior I
  6. Warrior II
  7. Chair Pose
  8. Tree Pose
  9. Bridge
  10. Child’s Pose


When starting out for the first time, cat cow move is the best, in my opinion. You warm up your back, stretch muscles. Feels oh-so good.

Downward dog is the next step. Do not get discouraged if you can’t do it. It will get better.

Upward dog will help you stretch your core and open hips.

Pigeon pose is also great for hip stretchs, still, do not push yourself into anything. Go with your body’s flow.

Warrior poses, personally, makes me feel powerful, somehow. Sure, it has benefits to the body, muscles. However, the feeling that comes from those poses are whole different story. Maybe, it is because of the name warrior. You feel like a warrior. It ould be đŸ™‚

Chair pose is also great for newbies. This is such a grounding pose, you feel the Earth beneath you, connect with it, on another level. As well as, tree pose. It is, also, a grounding and powerful pose.

Child’s pose is one of the best pose to end the sequences, I assume. Slows the hear rate, and relaxes your muscles, and makes you feel great, overall.


beginners' yoga
Handstand Balance

Be consistent

Of course, it is not overnight progress. Keep practicing the sequence, add some more poses as you feel comfortable.



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