Understanding Cat Behaviour

cat behavior
cat behavior


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As a cat lover myself, I had to write generally about cats.

Cats look mysterious and look like they have badass plan to destroy you. Yet, at the same time, they are the sweetest creatures on the Earth. Growing up with bunch of cats helps one, kind of, understand the cat behavior, and then we can back them up with a little science. Thanks to science, we now can say ‘I love you’, understand their body language of our cats, and also maybe train them in early stages.



understanding cat behavior
understanding cat behavior


Ways to understand signs

Eyes of the cats may tell a lot about the emotions they are feeling at that moment. For example, if the pupils are thin it means they are relaxed, or vice versa, if pupils are real big it means they are scared/nervous about something. It also depends on the time of the day. At night the pupils are naturally bigger, due to the darkness, to help them see better. That does not necessarily means that they are feeling discomfort. One more thing to know about eyes of the cats, if they are closed most of the time around you, it means the cat trusts you, can relax around you. However, cats that are always on the watch, obviously, close their eyes less often.

Ears can tell so much, as well. We can observe that they use their ears as locators, turn their ears to where the sound comes from. Cats’ ears n normal position means they are content, okay with the surroundings. Yet, on unpleasant occasions like fighting with another creature, their ears may go back which means they are furious. When the ears are down, it means they are submissive and afraid. Very important signs to know when your cat needs your help with the stray or stronger ‘enemy’.

Tail can tell so much more, and it is fun, too. Notice how kittens put their tails up in the air and run around? It means they are happy and playful, cute, isn’t it? Mother cats have the tail up in the air for kittens to follow her, also cute. In adult cats’ world it also can mean that they own this territory. If the cat’s tail is lower than body-line it is not a good sign, he feels fear or aggression.

There are other cute stuff they do to show their love for you such as head-butts and nose-touchs. By doing so they are marking you as their own, which makes them feel secure, belong.

cat behavior


Boredom/ anxiety cats experience

Signs; scratching, urinating

Cats maybe the introvert equivalent of human beings, like to have the time for themselves, come out when they feel like it. Yet, they can be bored or anxious which can lead to messy house, for they will show these signs by not using the litter box, but urinate all over the house. When they are left alone so much of the time they will feel abandoned and want to make sure ‘you are theirs’. So, they will start to urinate in the bedroom, your wardrobe, different places in the house, just to mark their ‘property’.

They also may depict their anxiety with scratching a lot. Cats need scratching, because it is their natural state to run and hunt. When they are home alone with nothing to hunt or play, it will develop some anxiety, just like goal oriented people experience when they do not have a plan. So they get the anxiety out by scratching surfaces.


Dealing with those problems

First off, cats need to feel they are home. They need to have their own stuff, like cat-tree, cat-grass, toys and etc. They, also, require a lot of attention, especially in early stages, and this attention does not only mean food and water. It means you need to dedicate your time for them, play with them, train them, praise and maybe massage them (elderly cats).

For scratching, just playing with them for enough time will save you your furniture. And this time depends on the age of the cat, obviously, kittens have more energy to play, so will take more of your time.



Friends or constant care is required for cats. If you must leave the cat alone for several hours, I would suggest you to get another cat or another pet that your cat will get along with. This way, while you’re out, they will entertain each other, and keep company. Win-win.

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