Converting to Minimalism

reasons for minimal lifestyle
reasons for minimal lifestyle

Minimalist Lifestyle


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Converting to minimalist lifestyle is phenomenal, especially if you used to be a hoarder. Well, knowing ‘why’ you are doing it makes it half as much easier. If one ‘why’ is not enough for you here are some more motivating challenges to become minimalist.


Pros of minimalist lifestyle


  • Less stuff to clean

Obviously, when you have less stuff, you would have less stuff to worry about being clean, and would clean easily.


  • Less time on cleaning

When you don’t own that much, it doesn’t take you that long to clean up. Saves time!


  • Everything has its own place

Remember how you put something somewhere, and forget about it? It is not the case with minimalism, because everything already has their homes, sweet.


  • Less stress

    minimalism beauty
    minimalism beauty

When you have less stuff, it is so freeing. For instance, when packing, you know exactly what you are going to take. Knowing the plan ahead of time gives freeing vibe, therefore creates less stress.


  • Less waste

Idea of clutter-free home means less waste. You don’t use many papers any more, everything is digital. You don’t buy frequently, no more new trash other than food packaging.


  • Less busy, more fun

Less stuff means less time to spend time on cleaning. Cleaning can take so much of our time, unless the space is somewhat clean, then you would have to just dust, or whatever, and it is done. Ta-da! Time to have fun!


  • More Me-time

More fun, for some people means more me-time. It is essential to spare time for only yourself.


minimalist lifestyle pros
with minimalism, you get more time to spend with loved ones
  • More time to spend with loved ones

As much as you get me-time, you also get some spare time to your loved ones.


  • Less quantity, more quality

When you buy less stuff, you tend to pay attention to its quality, so it would last longer, you could enjoy it for more amount of time.


  • Defining personal style

When you declutter your wardrobe, and keep the only stuff that you really love, you will see a pattern, which later can be your personal style. Or, you can completely change your wardrobe. Before doing that, it is better to look at boards on Pinterest or on any other media, to see which style gives you joy.


  • Being more careful with purchases

If you defined your personal style, you would not buy anything that you might wear, only stuff that goes with your personal style. This also applies to other stuff, such as books, notebooks, kitchen utensils. Once you decide/ define the theme of your house/ room, you would stick to that, and not buy anything that you just might use.


  • Saves money

I don’t know why but it seems to me like all this article has been about buying stuff. Anyways, when you are more aware of what you are buying, you spend less money, because you overcame impulsive shopping. Horray to that.


  • Appreciation for what you already have

    minimalism and appreciation for small things
    minimalism and gratitude for small things

When we buy new stuff with love and care, we tend to appreciate it more. Things we already have? Yeah, we feel gratitude for them for they get the things done.


  • Intentional living

Everything has its own space, every purchase has a purpose, every task is there for something. Intentional living on point.




Minimalist Lifestyle

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