How To Create New Year’s Resolution List

New Year's Resolution List
New Year's Resolution List - It's that time of the year

Creating New Year’s Resolution List


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Let’s cover how to create New Year’s Resolution List that we would actually do. First of all, stop. Think why you are making this list, in the first place. What I mean by that is, if you don’t have solid, bigger goal ahead, you will most likely to stop doing these resolutions. In the new year’s eve, we are all like ‘okay, this year I will be better at this and that’, and as soon as festive vibes are over, we are back to being our ‘usual’-self. All the resolutions should somewhat be coherent to the ultimate goal, but also fun, right? 🙂



Decide What Part Of Your Life Needs Improvements

Picture yourself, way in the future. How do you see yourself? What do you need to become that person? What skills do you need?

Let’s say your biggest goal is to become the greatest mother in the world. Plan what you need to do to become that, maybe knowing more about kid health, or nutrition and stuff. So, you’d need to research/ read more. Or, say you want to be successful business owner. You what skills you need to improve to reach that goal.

Once you identify what skills you need, divide it into baby steps, and choose as this year’s resolution. (or divide and plan it into 3-5 years)


Try the things you've always wanted but put off
Try the things you’ve always wanted but put off

Create Bucket List On Pinterest

We need to have some fun, too, right? That’s when bucket lists on Pinterest are really handy. This board can be a mess, but it is like a brainstorm area. You don’t need to do all the pins in this year. You will just come back to this board, and cross off (tried) that pin.


1-Day Experiences

Try to have some things that you can do it in one day. Let’s say, you want to reduce your screen time. Choose one day in a week, or in a month, do something that does not includes technology. Or, you want to reduce drinking alcohol. Apply Meatless Monday concept to alcohol. Reward yourself after your goal, by healthy snacks, maybe.


New Year's Resolution List
New Year’s Resolution List

Do Not Write ‘More’ On Resolution List

Well, when I write resolution ideas here, I tend to write more, because I don’t know how much time you spend on that particular activity/ task. You need to adjust for yourself. If you are a person who normally reads 10 books a year, but still want to read more, target 2 books a month. If you don’t read at all (like myself), target finish one (or 2) book this year. So, adjust for yourself.


Do Not Over-Choose

Have you ever realized when you have 10+ tasks on your to do list you tend to do like half of them, but when you have 5 solid ones, you finish your tasks for the day? This is no different. New year’s resolution list is more like a to-do list for a year. So, do not over-charge yourself. Make it attainable.




I would love to hear your thoughts on these tips and also your resolutions.

I will be posting New year’s resolution ideas next week, your comments would give me more ideas 😉





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