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Decluttering your mental space
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After deciding to switch into minimalist lifestyle, one may think it is all about physical space. However, decluttering mental space is as much important as physical space. Here are only a few aspects to think over, and minimize.



Ways for decluttering mental space


Decluttering your mental space

Needless relationships

At the risk of sounding very rude, I am going to tell you that you need to get rid of some people, as well. Well, as a person who has been in some seriously shitty relationships, I can tell you that there is definitely some people that should be out of your life. You need to cut them out. So, who are they? Toxic people with their toxic relationships because of their toxic lifestyle.

You know, it’s not about your romantic friendships, but also about ‘friends’ who are always there when they need you. Yet, never around when you need them. Also, the ones who create drama out of every small things. They need to be gone. Because we seek simple living.


Decluttering your mental space
Get rid of useless goals

New year resolutions/ goals (with small g)

Every December we get excited about how our lives will turn to good in the new year. After 2 months, tops, we forget about those lists that we did. Lists of 30 things we need to do this year. Mostly, containing goals that would take so much time and energy. Instead of that, we can do as following; decide what you want to do with your life. The Goals with capital g. Plan a 6/12 months goal-route, if that makes any sense. Then, plan some tasks, small tasks, that would go closer and closer to your goal over the 6/12 months of period. That way, you would not be overwhelmed about 30 different tasks. Plus, the tasks would be dependent on each other (by the way, because the tasks are small, you don’t need to worry about not being able to accomplish).


Decluttering your mental space
Screen time Control

Screen time

Minimizing screen time is in your best interest, if you’d ask me. I am someone who thinks of ‘me-time’ as self-respect. What I mean by that is that if you are not ready to spare your 1-2 hours for only yourself, you are not doing anything good for yourself, which for me, is not respecting oneself. So, I thought of what stuff we put most of our time. I came to conclusion that, we tend to waste of time on our phones. Therefore, it would be great idea to get an app that keeps record of your screen time. Put yourself a limit, and try not to reach that limit, challenge yourself everyday.


Decluttering your mental space
Watch Your Purchases

Minimize your purchases

Well, this is only natural to minimize purchases when you switch to minimal lifestyle. But, there is still something to keep in mind. Like, okay, you don’t buy much stuff anymore, but when you do, what should you buy? Well, this could easily be whole another blog post. In short, every purchase needs deep consideration. Will you be needing this in the long run? Does this go with other stuff in the house? (not a question for to every purchase, though). Questions vary, depending on the situations.




Minimalism is a lifestyle, should be applied to every aspect of your life, not only physical space.

Now it is time to put the knowledge/ new ideas into action. Time for decluttering mental space. I hope to see your comments on how was your experience on these 4 ways to minimize and simplify your life.


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