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Freeing up space and simplifying the life 

When there is a chaos around us, it is really difficult to focus on the important stuff. The best way to clear the aura is to declutter the chaotic space. Here are 6 steps to decluttering the space to have clear head and clean space.

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Again, define your ‘why’

As I always say, defining the ‘why’ is the key to keep going, in every action, I’d say. In decluttering, specifically, the task may get tedious sometimes, okay, most of the time. In the moments of ‘I give up, I liked the way my house/room looks’ this ‘why’ will help a lot.

Minimalism series - decluttering
Chaos in Work

Choose your method

Now, there are really good methods to declutter physical space, such as KonMari method. Decluttering by category, not by location. I would always tidy up by location, and always put the ‘useless’ stuff in the other room, and when I should clean that place I would have to bring those back to clean there. This is because they don’t have a home, which I will be talking about shortly.

Another method could be minimalist point of view. Get rid of everything that you don’t really need. This is simple as that.

The last method I could think of, and also the method that I use, is to be in a mindset of a person who moves a lot. Think about it, if you were to move from place to place frequently, you would not stuff your baggage with needless stuff. Only the most important stuff, that you use daily. Think of a situation where you would have to move, what would you take and what would you leave behind?


Start and continue with intention

When it comes to cleaning out the stuff, especially if you are a hoarder, it gets tiring and exhausting. But, you don’t want to rush through, take your time, and start the work. Whenever you feel like giving up think of your why, and you will continue for that reason, with intention.

Minimalism series - decluttering
Aesthetic difference

Set Goals

Predict how much time you would spend decluttering your house/ room/ pantry. Add extra bit of time, cut yourself some slack. However, don’t just lay around thinking you still have the time. make it a goal to finish by certain time.

Minimalism series - decluttering



Find a home for everything

The #1 reason of clutter in a house, in my opinion, is that sometimes stuff do not have a home. For example, you know that your make up goes in your make up

home for every thing
home for every thing

drawer, right? when you put one of them to the other side of the room, boom, here’s your clutter. Plus, it is most likely to get lost, unfortunately. Once you are free of needless stuff, all your important stuff would have space to store there. That will be their homes, and when you buy something new, it would go into the home where items from that category is stored.

Only 20 mins a day

First week or two it may take you more time to do the daily cleaning, but once you’re settled with clutter-free home, it will take you a lot less time to do overall cleaning/dusting/moping. Depending on the size of area to clean, adjust the time for daily cleaning.



Minimalism lifestyle comes in handy not only in decluttering physical space but also in decluttering mental space, as well. Mental space cleanse is whole another story, which I soon will be posting about 😉




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