Health Benefits of Vegan Lifestyle

Vegan Lifestyle
Vegan Lifestyle


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Plant-based lifestyle. We tend to think that if we cut back on meat we are going to miss out on some vitamins that plants do not have. This, however, is not quite true for we can get almost all the nutrition from plant based diet, healthier, even. Because we are anatomically not carnivores, meat has tremendous side effects on body functioning. Switching to plant-based diet has changed health levels of many.


Lower Cancer Risks


As vegans consume fruits, veggies and legumes, they tend to have like a protection from cancer. These meals, each have their own purpose to serve. Fruits and vegetables said to be protective against lung, stomach, mouth cancer. Regular use of legumes, meanwhile, helps with the fight against prostate cancer.


Bone Health

vegan lifestyle Figs bone health

Calcium is essential for the bone health, which is obtained by milk, by average meat-eater.  Dental and bone health is kept under control by consumption of dairy. But, is it really necessary to consume dairy to meet calcium requirements?

Not really, instead of dairy there are so many different ways to consume milk and get the benefits (10 ways to make milk link)

Also, for the calcium matter, kale, spinach, black-eyed peas, figs are excellent source to get. As scientifically proved, our bodies is more likely to absorb more calcium form kale and spinach rather than of dairy products.



Heart Health

nut consumption healthy lifesytle vegan
nut consumption in healthy vegan lifesytle

As vegans consume more fruits and veggies which are rich in fiber, antioxidants that reduced the chance of stroke, lowers the blood cholesterol. Also, higher consumption of nuts and whole grains is related to cardioprotective effects.

Vegan diet/ lifestyle means lower calorie intake, which leads to lower BMI level, with reduces the level and number or obesity incident. Lower BMI also means lower blood pressure. Plus, as cholesterol levels are low, probability of having a stroke is rare.


No Animal Fat

Fats in the animal flesh may transfer cancer-awakening cells. Also, meat produces extra cholesterol in our bodies, where we already have the liver to produce it, which we don’t need any more.




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