My Vegan Story – How I Went Vegan

My Vegan Story
My Vegan Story

How I Went Vegan


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This is my story of switching to veganism, decreasing will to consume animal products, how I went vegan, eventually.



Vegetarian Levels Chart
Vegetarian Levels Chart

I Went Pescatarian


In 2012, I was surfing on Internet. I don’t know how it happened, I came across with this song, called Free Me by Goldfinger. (video contains hurtful truth, may not want to watch it if you’re already vegan.) So, I decided I won’t eat anything that comes from meat industry. In 2012, I went vegetarian, shortly after that, I went pescatarian (person who eats fish). As a family, we didn’t eat fish too often, 2 fish a year, tops! So, not many fish were killed by me, #fingerscrossed.

Somehow I didn’t feel bad for eating fish. I thought, in the meat industry, animals are being abused until they are killed for meat. But fish, until we buy them they stay in water, they are not being abused, blah-blah. I was telling myself so many excuses. Not eating too much fish in these 4 years is my only way of keeping myself from shaming myself.


I Went Vegetarian


In 2016, my friends were telling me ‘how do you feel bad for animals but fish?’, ‘how can you eat them?’ They kept asking, making me feel guilty inside. I mean, they’re right, when animals are cut it takes so much less time before they are dead, but fish are kind of like suffocating on air. (I am really afraid of suffocation) Because of my fear for this phenomenon, I stopped consuming fish.  So I went vegetarian on May and announced it on my IG, LOL.


I Went Vegan

How I went vegan
How I Went Vegan

I was on YouTube again, and so this video by Erin Janus, about dairy industry, I was in shock. Actually, not much in shock since I knew what they were ‘capable of’ in the slaughter houses. And one thing she said hit me, which was ‘sounds worse to me’. I mean, it’s true. Being a victim in dairy industry is much worse than being sent off to slaughter house. They will be tortured until they are no longer fertile, and then they will be slaughtered! Goodness, I could no longer be a part of this carnival. My love for animals is, actually, how I went vegan.



A Bit Of Whining About Being Vegan In Where I Live

I live in Azerbaijan, and this country is rich with farming industry. There’s always abundance of dairy products, but no non-dairy milk (or products) whatsoever! As I was someone who used either milk or eggs for her breakfast, I was struggling in the first months, but figured out the breakfast in the first 2 weeks. It was snacks I was having problem with. I could not find any vegan product when I was out. More frustrating, I could not go out to eat with my friends. When I was a vegetarian, it was easy, while all my friends were trying to choose meal to order, I had so few options that I was always the first one to choose. I would have Greek salad, or some tomato or mushroom soup, vegetarian pizza. Luckily, there is two vegan restaurants in the city. Plus, I find more vegan options in the stores more and more every day. This is getting easier! Yay!


Encouragement / Advice


I went vegan on 11 August 2017, this is the day I marked on my calendar. When I started the transition, I did it by challenging myself, that the challenge started on 9th, I gave into my ‘weakness’. I ‘failed’ on the second day. The reason I quote-unquoted that word is because I am not judging who does the same even after a long time of not consuming, let alone someone who just started. The most important thing is to keep the ‘why’ in mind and start again, until we do not fail anymore.

Plus, for people who are bothering you about proteins and vitamins from milk, I say I’m lactose intolerant (which is true) so they don’t keep saying ‘just this one time’. ugh.

Anyways, all I’m saying is not to be hard on yourself if you are trying to switch.

I would love to hear your stories and how you deal with cravings.






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