minimal living lifestyle
minimal living lifestyle

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is such a trendy topic these days. I am happy that more and more people are into that life style. Kinda like, opposite of materialism, but not exactly, lol.

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Well, minimalism is about having less and being satisfied with all you have. Human beings tend to want more, in any aspect of life, really. Trick to be satisfied with less is to have only things that would mean something to you in the long run. I know, there are so many beautiful things in stores, we would like to have them all. However, usually, we buy those stuff with impulse, after a while we might realize we don’t even need that specific piece of stuff. Minimalist lifestyle helps us to have clutter-free cozy home.

plant for minimal and beautiful room decor
plant for minimal and beautiful room decor

Minimalism is not only about possessions, it also is about clutter-free mind and life. Getting rid of toxic relationship, for instance. As well as, getting rid of negative mindset, you know, having stuff that matters. And positive thinking matters, in terms of happy life. Well, minimalism is to have stuff that brings value into your life, that sparks a joy, as Marie Kondo said.



Why convert?

Goal oriented people usually would want their surroundings to be tidy. Meanwhile, not-so goal oriented people tend to find it distracting to have untidy space. Thus, to be more productive, I think, converting to minimalist lifestyle is the best choice. Because, duh, you have less stuff to worry about.

Most of us have ridiculous amount of stuff that if they were not there, we wouldn’t even notice it. Well, those stuff should go to the one who are really in need of that.

Okay, these are the why’s I can think of. Changing lifestyle completely is not easy. I have written about that in my switching into veganism post, as well. To be successful at switches, you need to know your “why”. Why would you switch to minimalist lifestyle? Once you answered this question, it is easy to follow the ‘rules’ of the new lifestyle.


How? Challenge?

Once you established your ‘why’, it is time to get started with the journey. First of all, there are a lot of resources for minimalism now. You don’t need to worry about anything any more. There are so many YouTubers that put their journey through minimalism out there. So, other people could get inspired.  In case you are not a video-person, more like a picture-person, here is link to my minimalism boards in the Pinterest minimalism boards . There also are hell of ideas to get inspired by. There are also pins for challenges. Walks you through the days, which day to do what, very intriguing.

also; capsule wardrobe, minimal grunge outfits.

minimalism aestethics
minimalism aestethics

Rules of minimalism

Really, there are no rules. There is not a specific number that you need to reach in about your wardrobe, or kitchen utensils, or candles, or whatever. Only thing you need to pay attention to is that if it gives you joy to have that specific item at home. That’s pretty much it.

‘Dealing’ with other people.

It is difficult to switch to another lifestyle if your parents/ siblings/ roommates are not in the same page with you. Before doing any changes, it is good idea to let other people in the house know what you are going to do. Eventually, they will ask why, you will answer. If they seem to like the idea, hopefully, they would also try. Otherwise, you can ask them nicely to be respectful of your choices and ideas. Finally, compromise, that’s all that matters.


beautiful plant for aesthetic room decor
beautiful plant for aesthetic room decor

I have a sister and a mother who are legitimate hoarders! My sister have stuff literally for more than a decade. She knows she won’t use it, but she wouldn’t even throw them away. I cannot make her to do anything about minimalism, so I asked her to take her stuff out of my side of the room. That actually gave me enough space to feel like minimal, kinda. I put most of her stuff in same-sized boxes, so it wouldn’t look too much, and it was kind of aesthetic.

So, this how I ‘deal’ with hoarders around me. What about you? Leave your comments.



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