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I wrote about single-tasking previous week. Now I want to add some more perspective to it by talking about multitasking. I am into productivity, so if something is not productive I may not want to do that. But what if that unproductive thing is kind of a tradition/ habit? Like, say, watching a TV series. Something that you recently found out that is not helpful, but can’t give it up easily. Well, I have some thoughts on that, keep reading. 🙂



Here’s the deal.

There are some tasks that you can do a few at a time. You can save yourself some time when you can. These tasks were some common statements that I encountered when I was looking for single-tasking ideas. However, in my opinion, not all of them require single tasking. Here are some examples and my reasons why multitasking is okay.


  1. Watching a movie
  2. Not listening to music on public transport
  3. Eating breakfast/ lunch/ dinner without phone distractions
  4. When exercising/ running/ walking/ stretching
  5. Keeping one tab open
Activities that can benefit from multitasking
Activities that can benefit from multitasking


As we covered in this article, multitasking is not effective when we need to focus on the job. The articles I saw suggested to watch a movie without distractions. Pay attention and observe while on the public transport, without music or reading a book. When you have your meal, or when you exercise, do only one. Keep as few tabs open as possible.


Multitasking Advantages

I mean, I can’t eat my meal in silence. I need to watch something, or listen. Some productivity gurus suggest to listen to a podcast while having meal, which I want to do, but instead I watch clips from Friends again and again, which I know by heart. LOL. I want to do my exercise when I watch my TV series. I want to observe the nature with my dramatic music on the background when I’m using public transport. When it comes to tabs, personally, I don’t like when there are too many, but when I research for writing some things, I may have 20+ tabs open.

So, most of these task can be done together. Sometimes it is necessary.


unless multitasking can wait
unless multitasking can wait



I believe in the magic of gratitude. When we focus on out meals and be grateful about it, it can change our lives drastically. I also believe in mind-muscle connection. If it’s not running, but muscle bulking, I believe the focus must be on the exercise, because of the mind-body connection. And, some movies are real brainers, you need to focus, you can’t crochet while watching, cause you’ll be missing the important part while you’re counting the crochet holes.


So, unless you are not focusing on that particular task, it’s okay to multitask. Basically, it’s not multitasking, but putting one task on automotive and focusing on the other.


As usual

If you give this advice a try, let me know about your experience. Love to hear from you.



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