Self Care Challenge

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Self Care Challenge


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Sometimes we get caught up in the hectic life that we often forget to slow down and enjoy the day. I gather some ideas and made this 21-day self care challenge to compose ourselves and cleanse our minds.


Day 1 – Journal

Writing every day in a journal helps keep track of healthy and unhealthy habits. I like to journal a thing if I want to make this a habit. For instance, if I want to be an early bird, I would keep track of the time I went to sleep and got up. Then, I would find a pattern, and work on it, until I get the desired result.


Day 2 – 10 things about yourself

Listing positive stuff about yourself can be a game-changer, sometimes. So, whether this list is ’10 things I am good at’ or ’10 things I am proud about myself’ or ’10 things I am grateful to have’, it will help you have more positive outlook. Plus, if you do it daily, much better!


Meditation for Self Care
Meditation for Self Care

Day 3 – Meditate

Meditation is such needed exercise, if you are perfectionist, person who lives in the past/ future, under a lot of stress/ pressure. Starting doing it daily would help you a lot.


Day 4 – Watch Sunset/ Sunrise

There is nothing more beautiful than nature, in my opinion. Observing its most beautiful phenomenon would be perfect way to start and (kind of) end the day.



Day 5 – Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Healthy body is accompanied with healthy mind. Your mind is restless if you don’t get enough/ good sleep. Put your electronics 1 hour before you go to bed and do some yoga sequences for sleeping or read form a book, or meditate.


Day 6 – Make home-made meal

I always prefer home-made meals to restaurant meals, because you know what’s in it. You can make some snacks, desserts, or big dinner.


spend some time alone
spend some time alone

Day 7 – Be with yourself

Take a mindful walk through the nature, park, beach, wherever is cozier for you. Go out on a date with yourself. Just pay attention not to think of negative thoughts, only positive energy. We are caring for ourselves.


Day 8 – Create your mantra

We utilize our mantra to access our bliss and fulfillment in side of us, which is the only place bliss resides. What you seek is in you. Here are some ideas for you to create your own mantra and feel it deeply for the day, or maybe, for the rest of your challenge, life.


one thing at a time
one thing at a time

Day 9 – Ditch the multitasking for a while day

Also, hectic day puts us in a situation where we feel the need to multitask to make time for everything. Well, for today, we are going to have 3 items on our to do list, and nothing more. Besides, we are going to do them one by one.


Day 10 – Focus on the positive

There always are 2 sides to the stories, as well as events. Whatever happens today, focus on the good. Maybe also journal them? 🙂


Day 11 – Brain Dump

Write your goals. Make lists. It is brain dump, you can go as crazy as you want. This will help you organize in the long term, trust me, I have done it and it works.


Day 12 – Vacation idea

Create a vacation list, wardrobe for your vacation, destinations, trails.


Day 13 – Declutter

Decide what matters to you the most. Declutter your mental and physical space.


Write a Letter for Self Care and improvement
Write a Letter

Day 14 – Write a Letter

I really like writing to myself and opening it in few months. You may write yourself how successful you have been and how proud you are of yourself. Even if you haven’t started that project.


Day 15 – Take a Bath

Hot relaxing bath with scented candles. Who would say no to that?


Day 16 – Cut Yourself Some Slack

Time to rest. Multitasking sometimes can be exhausting. Cut yourself some slack today, and don’t do as much.



Day 17 – Unplug as much as you can

The more time you are connected with people via internet, the more disconnected you will be with real life. Put your phone away and actually meet with people. Or meditate, connect with your inner self.


Day 18 – Learn something new

This could be knowledge about a disease/ cure of it. New word in another language. A skill that you have been wanting to have.


Day 19 – Treat yourself

Bake healthy cookies, make a healthy smoothie, have picnic with the meals you made. Stargaze all through the night.


Day 20 – Do crafting

Draw, color, do DIY, knit, sew, crochet. So much ideas to do.


Self Care Challenge
Light a Candle

Day 21 – Do Nothing

Light a candle, sit in the light, and do nothing. Maybe meditate, hust to feel calmer.


21 day self care
Summary of Self Care Challenge


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