How To Switch To Veganism Without Difficulties

vegan lifestyle
vegan lifestyle

Changing the way you eat is no joke. It means changing the lifestyle, may be like moving from one house to another, because you are changing important part of your life. Even small changes can be a challenge for some people, let alone this huge deal like changing to veganism. What is why I have come up with steps to make the whole process easier, at least a bit 🙂

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Define your “why”

Having a “why” makes everything easier. When you know why you decided not to consume something, it drives the will for that food away. For instance, if you want to stop eating candies to lose weight. Every time you reach for one, you just remember and stop yourself from eating that, most of the time, hopefully :/ . The same logic works with veganism. You should define your reason to become one, it could be one of the followings; your love for animals, for ethical reasons, health benefits (link here for another post). It really is important to have defined reason for, I assure you, people will come up to you with hell of an amount of questions and sarcastic comments. You may have not known the way meat was produced, so your reason may simply be that you did not know about the meat industry till now.

Now, onto the real deal.


Secondly, come up with a plan

Changing your whole eating habits may be classified as a diet, however, veganism is not a diet, whatsoever. It is a lifestyle, the journey to enjoy as you proceed, there is no end goal in terms of having meat in the end as “reward”. So, to make the change easier, you need to have plan, be prepared for what’s is there to come. Such as, having a meal plan and shopping list. Having at least 2 different main meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes the process somewhat easier. At least, you would know what to prepare for the next days. Like, smoothie for breakfast. Once you have that figured out, you can have gazillions different versions of the chosen meal for a change. But, before diving into that whole overwhelming numbers of recipe world, you’d better choose your favorites and shop for the most used items, such as fruits, oats, rice, etc.



difficulties of veganism
difficulties of veganism

Prepare yourself for soul-sucking questions

Being a vegetarian for 5 years, I forgot the questions and the looks people gave. Now that I am ‘coming out’ as a vegan, all of the past flashes back all over again. The only thing we can do about it is to say our ‘why’ and either thank them for understanding, or let it go when they arrogantly belittles the decision we make. It is quite difficult to alter your nutrition, let alone dealing with people with their rude comments/looks. However, it is important to pay attention to the way you are mentioning your why for the veganism, because for a meat-eating person you are saying that what they are doing is wrong. And, it can get ugly, trust me. So, try not to be pushy that they too should become a vegan/vegetarian.







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