Yoga Poses To Improve Posture

Yoga Poses Improve Posture
Yoga Poses Improve Posture


Yoga Poses Improve Posture

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Here is fun way to start your day, preparing for a great day knowing you did something good for your body which is yoga poses improve posture 🙂


Mountain pose

This pose may look stupid at first, but when you try to hold this for a minute you will get why this is so hard. Standing straight is not easy to do, holding it for a whole minute is whole different story. Focusing on the body parts may do the trick. When you hold the pose think of your breathing frequency, think of how your bones are joined together, or how your muscles feel. Put the timer, but don’t make it a chore t yourself, otherwise you will get bored. Just focus on the perfect posture you will get in the end.


Chair pose

This pose will stretch your chest and shoulders, which is so needed, but forgotten. It also strengthens your thighs and claves. Again, thinking of the final product that this pose provide, we are motivated to try it every day.


Warrior pose I

This pose will provide great stretch in the chest, shoulders, neck if you tilt you head back and down. Also requires strength in the back muscles and legs, so if you practice this pose often you will gain strength in those parts.


Cat-cow pose

This cat pose is perfect if you are feeling sore a bit, it stretches back muscles and into cow pose where you stretch core muscles while engaging arms muscles for support.


Cobra pose

This pose is perfect for undoing all the sitting done throughout the day, just lay on your belly, and lift your chest up slowly, breathe deeply, feel the perfect stretch in your body. You can also bring your legs up, just like a hammy curl, and touch your toes to your head, but that is not necessary for posture-fixing, but rather for flexibility. In terms of posture, it will help you in the core area, open lungs. Also, strengthens spine and works the booty.


Child’s pose

This pose may be all the ‘lazy’ people’s favorite pose. LOL. Day spent working hard may require a little disconnection from all the hustle in the day. Child’s pose will do that, while stretching your back and relaxing the neck if done right.


Reclining Hero pose

This restorative pose will relax your shoulders, open up the chest, stretch the thighs, while straightening your posture.  It also improves digestion which helps with weight loss.


Camel pose

This pose is also perfect for undoing all the sitting during the day. We tend to fold inward in our natural state, camel pose does the opposite, folds outward, undoing the ‘habit’ of folding inwards. Also strengthens thighs, stretches chest and shoulders oh-so perfectly.


Standing forward bend

This pose helps stretch your hamstrings and opens the shoulders. Open shoulders are a must in perfect posture, so this pose will do wonders in


Cow Face Pose

This pose can be intense on non-flexible people, so for beginners, you can start doing this pose with towel or something that you can hold on to. After some time you will be flexible enough to do it without help of objects. Keep in mind that one side is always worse than the other, this is totally normal. So, hold this pose 30 sec to 1 min on each side. To deepen the stretch you can lean forward.


Table Top

This pose will stretch all the upper body, including spine. Also, will provide opportunity to build strength in lower body while improving posture. It is good for balance, too.


Bridge pose

This pose stretches the chest and spine, while working your booty, opportunity for multi-task freaks like me. Keep your hip elevated, interlace your fingers below your body, walk your legs as close to your butt as possible, breathe deeply for a minute.



One of the best things in yoga is this that you are in control of where in your body works, you just focus on that part, and that part works, trust me, it is true. So, while doing all these poses you’d better focus on your posture, how this pose will help you fix your posture, etc.


This sequence will help you improve your posture if you practice it daily. Well, it is only 15 minutes (max) a day, try out, and let us know the changes you achieved.



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