Yoga poses to improve balance

yoga for balance
yoga for balance

Yoga to Improve Balance


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We come across poses people doing handstands, inversions and all. Well, all these beautiful poses require to improve balance. There is wonderful sequence to improve balance, so everyone could do these inversions 🙂


Why is it important

Obviously, balance is required when we walk, run and simply when we stand still. Having a balance gives us clarity and make us productive, this also includes mental balance, like being in a harmony with life. Let’s start with the physical part of it. Here are some exercises and yoga poses for you to try out to improve your balance.


Warm up exercises 

According to physical therapist, DeGroot, the following 3 simple exercises should be done regularly to improve and maintain balance;

Standing Knee Raises: standing near a chair or something to hold on to, raising one leg slowly, knee bent, thighs parallel to the ground. Hold this position fir 5-10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.

Standing Toe Tap:

have step or a block in front of you. Slowly lift your one leg and tap the step or block. After a while, challenge yourself with doing the exercise without lookin down. This can be glute workout, too. So it is a win win 😉

Hallway Walk: walk through the long corridor or road. Take 3-4 steps with your head turned to the right, then look straight take 3-4 more steps, and then turn your head left and take 3-4 more steps. If you didn’t stumble doing these, try taking steps looking right and the looking left without looking straight.




Postures to improve balance

  • Mountain pose
  • Tree pose
  • Chair pose
  • Big Toe-Knee Flow

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To do this pose, start in the mountain pose, bring your one knee up to your core, then slide your hand down the shin, try and grab the big toe. Once you are settled, try to straighten your leg.


  • Triangle
  • Warrior III
  • Low and High Lunge with backbend flow

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To do his pose, start in front of the mat, put your leg as far as you can control, bend that front knee, raise your hands up above your head, to switch to low lunge, slowly put your back knee to the ground, keeping the balance.


  • Crow pose
  • Eagle pose


This poses is not improving just for your balance, they also help in different aspects, such as sleeping soundly, boosting metabolism, getting more flexible.

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Balance mindset in lifestyle

We need balance in life. Most of us work too much that we forget to stop and enjoy the journey. While doing yoga to improve balance in posture, also think of the time you are setting aside for yourself, which, by the way, I like to call, respecting oneself. Mind-body connection is real deal. To keep the balance, in between workdays do something spontaneous to break out of the robotized system. I am hoping these would give you ideas to do something for yourself.





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